Lover's Isalnd

The charmingly-named Lover's Island at the opposite end of the beach from the resort is the closest island and its small hill is a perfect alternative venue to view the scintillating sunsets. The wooden tower on the hill gives majestic 360 degree views over the sea and the beach.

Sa Khan Island, or Camping Island, can be reached in about an hour in a fishing boat. It is an interesting camping area, populated mainly by the local fishermen and their handmade cooking stools and small huts can be found here. Taung Yar Shay, or Long Island, is about twenty minutes further by boat from Sa Khan. It's a big island, full of caves and a superb location for adventurous travelers.

Reaching this exciting cave island by small boats which ply their way through the remains of half submerged caves adds more excitement to the experience.

Elephant Camp

The Elephant Camp is set among tall trees in green bushy land and is a nice stop over on return journey to Yangon. For an unforgettable experience, enjoy an elephant ride along a stream in a picturesque jungle valley. The camp is open from 8am to noon.

Bird Island

Gorangyi Island